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We want you to take a healthy stand in life

Prevention or treatment – our stockings make you feel assured you are doing the right thing for your health.
Everyday life asks us to stand or sit for longer periods of time. Movement takes a back seat – at work and in our free time. We cover short and long journeys by car, bus and train. When we start our holidays we often sit for hours on end on an aeroplane. The convenience of lifts and escalators stop us from having to do any climbing. At the same time man is programmed for an active life. This is not only good for our wellbeing but absolutely essential for a healthy blood circulation.

Support stocking and compression stocking are not the same.

Support stockings exert less pressure and are meant to provide preventive therapy (prophylaxis). They support the muscles, thus activating the veins, provide your healthy legs with relief and in this way enhance wellbeing. The proven graduated strength falls progressively from the lower to the upper region of the leg, which means the blood is gently pressed towards the heart. This health effect may not be immediately perceptible to the eye but is felt.

Compression therapy can now also be a pleasurable experience. For compression stockings are not only health-enhancing but today have nothing in common with the thick rubber stockings of the past. Modern fine yarn and fabric designs based on micro fibres or aloe vera extracts have made today’s compression stocking more than just wearable.

Medical and fashionable – grandmother’s rubber stocking was yesterday, modern health stockings from ofa are today.
Attractive fashion and health conscious prevention combined in one. For all occasions, in summer and in winter, Ofa not only addresses the “classical” wearer of health stockings. In fact, young, fashion conscious and sporty persons today are already beginning at an early age to look after themselves. Modern knitting techniques, a range of colours and fashionable elements such as the elegant lace grip top turn health stockings into highly attractive fashion items.