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High-quality compression stockings for him and her.

Modern compression stockings have nothing whatsoever in common with their ancestors, the notorious rubber stockings.Those worn today are of a pleasant and discreet design and inspire with their highly fashionable colours and accessories.

High-quality compression stockings for him and her


The perfect combination of healthy compression and the elegant look of full-fashioned stockings surprises with sophisticated details, a fine sheen and lively colours.
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Memory Aloe Vera

An innovation: the only compression stocking that cares for the skin continuously while worn is as elegant as Memory and integrates and combines active ingredients based on Aloe Vera extracts and vitamin E.
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Max compression stockings with their elegance and comfort make compression therapy more than acceptable for every man. They can’t be recognized as medical stockings.
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Lastofa – the all rounder of compression stockings – is a pleasantly soft and durable compression stocking with a particularly fine mesh structure. Modern materials ensure enhanced breathability and optimal wearing comfort.
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Lastofa Cotton

The compression stocking with a high percentage of cotton directly on the skin. Particularly suitable for allergic persons and for all those who prefer to feel natural fibres on their skin.
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Lastofa Forte

The flat knitted compression quality with skin friendly merino wool. Merino wool is a natural high performance fibre that equalizes temperature the natural way and is gentle to the skin on account of their particularly fine structure.
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Lastofa Extra

The flat knitted made-to-measure quality for lymphatic treatment or burn or scar treatment.
A wide range of care for all parts of the body – with an optimal fit.
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