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Lastofa cotton -

Lastofa cotton -
For allergy sufferers and all those who like to wear natural fibres.

The robust compression stocking with a high cotton content. The cotton has been processed in such a way that it is on the inside of the stocking and therefore directly on the skin. Particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and patients who prefer a firmer quality. The optimal fit stands for full medical efficacy. Lastofa with cotton is especially kind to the skin and has been accredited the eco-label “Öko-Tex-Standard 100”.

Lastofa cotton

Nothing is closer to the skin.

Cotton has always been one of the preferred natural fibres for textiles. Fabric made from this material is pleasant to wear, is known to be very kind to the skin (doesn’t “scratch”) and the potential to cause an allergy is extremely low. Ofa has met the wish of patients for a design with the fibre.
Lastofa with cotton is the skin friendly answer. A compression stocking where 100% of the cotton used is directly on the skin. This makes the stocking particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and enthusiasts of natural fibres, but because of its stronger quality also for all those who prefer their compression stockings to be a little more robust. The perfect fit is guaranteed by the 6-size system. The high medical efficacy is a given.


Lastofa with cotton accredited the ecolabel
“Öko-Tex Standard 100”

The Öko-Tex Standard 100 is a worldwide uniform testing and certification system for raw, semi-manufactured and finished textile products covering all processing stages.

The tests for harmful substances cover legally banned and regulated substances, chemicals known to be a health risk and parameters for health care.

Allocation of a tested textile product to one of the four Öko-Tex product classes is based on the textile’s use. The more intensive the skin contact of a product is, the stricter the requirements in terms of human ecology. More information:

Ofa Bamberg offers you the best possible quality. The use of skin friendly substances is of course an integral part of our philosophy. Our compression stockings meet the strict guidelines of the eco-label.

we ensure a consistently high quality standard

Since 1991 we have owned one of only 11 measuring systems for compression stockings existing worldwide – the HOSY (Hohensteinsystem) testing equipment for compression products. Ofa was the first German manufacturer to operate the system in house with the aim of conducting regular tests and checks that go beyond the prescribed standard. The equipment tests the compression performance of stockings of any kind or size and is used in product development and quality control.

Quality seal -
Our compression stockings are tested and certified
by independent testing institutes on a regular basis

Our medical compression stockings conform to the internationally strictest quality and testing regulations, RA-GZ 387/1 (medical compression stockings) and RAL-GZ 387/2 (compression sleeves for the arm). To receive the quality seal - identification mark on a perpetual basis we regularly undergo rigorous testing by the independent Hohenstein research institute.


Compression class









Mode bright



  • closed toe
  • open toe
  • short foot
  • long foot

Grip tops

rubber grip top

silicone grip top

silicone grip top Fleur

lace grip top

Care instruction

The right way to wash compression stockings

Delicates programme

Don´t bleach

Tumble dry

Don´t iron

Don´t dry clean


  • Wash inside out!
  • Wash before first use!
  • If possible, wash every day (max. 40°C), at least every second day
  • With commercial mild detergent (particularly suitable for compression stockings isOfa clean special detergent), don´t use fabric softener
  • Rinse well, but don´t rub or wring
  • Air dry on a towel or in a tumbler dryer (delicates programme), never iron or dry on a radiator


  • Store in dry place, protect agianst direct sun
  • Aviod stockings with silicone coated grip tops being in contact with solvents, creams and moisturising liquid soap, as the adhesiveness can be badly affected
  • Maintain regular foot care and wear sensible footwear
  • Pilling is normal with textiles and no grounds for complaint
  • Never repair stockings yourself but return the damaged stocking to the specialist dealer the stocking was bought from

Pull-on aids

The slip-in, slip-out system does not make putting on compression stockings and pantyhose an early morning feat of skill but allows you to slip into the stocking and day with speed and ease.
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