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Dynamics Plus

Intelligent orthopaedic care

Dynamics Plus is a genuine quality product ‘made in Germany’. For customers who want more in order to be soon back on their feet again.

To meet the highest requirements, Dynamics Plus offers a Plus for function, quality and design. Developed with a passion for detail, our Dynamics Plus supports are intelligent medical aids with extraordinary additional value: for example, comfort zones made from patented Arthroflex® were integrated to protect sensitive areas of the body. This extremely thin, highly elastic special knitted fabric adapts to sensitive flexion areas of joints like a second skin. Also the Plus Pad of the knee support has been well thought through to the last detail. Its special form improves the muscular protection of the joint while at the same time the patella-region is optimally massaged.

The innovative functions of the Dynamics Plus products are integrated harmoniously into the organic honeycomb design, for which the knee support was awarded the internationally renowned Red Dot design prize in the year of its introduction. Just one year later the Dynamics Plus Elbow Support wars also honoured with the red dot award 2015. Once more the Dynamics Plus line has convinced the critical jury with its unique comfort and its precise effect and brings this prestigious prize to Bamberg again.


  • premium products with extraordinary additional value
  • a Plus for function, quality and design
  • innovative details for more efficacy and comfort
  • highest quality ‘made in Germany’
  • design in form and function thought through to the last detail

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