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Heel Relief Shoe

  • suitable for being worn with made to measure insoles
  • can be worn with open and closed toe
  • particularly light
  • can be worn on left or right foot
  • crepe sole made of solid material, slip resistant and can be additionally moulded

Product Description

Heel Relief Shoe

The structure of the extremely light partial relief shoe allows a partial relief in the heel area. The soft insole can be removed and can, if necessary, be replaced by an individual footbed. The crepe sole is made of solid material and non-slip and can be reshaped.
The shoe can be worn with both an open and a closed toe.


  • Following foot and heel operations
  • Other surgical wounds
  • For relieving the foot in the case of fractures in the metatarsal and tarsal area

Size table

Size Shoe size
small 36 - 38
medium 39 - 41
large 42 - 44
xlarge 45 - 47

Technical specifications

Design: universal
Colour: black
Upper material: synthetic
Sales unit: 1 piece
Art. No.: 44 7192