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Ofa Grip special gloves -
With grippers to make pulling on compression stockings easier.

Ofa Grip special gloves make pulling on compression stockings easier for you and at the same time go easy on the knitted fabric. Jewelry and long finger nails can quickly damage the stocking.

Please ensure you don’t pull the stocking upwards at the top end but glide your hands smoothly from bottom to top. The special gloves provide for a better grip of the fabric and make it easier to arrange the knitted fabric evenly along the leg. Therefore, always make sure to use gloves when putting on stockings – also in combination with Ofa fit, the practical pull-on and take-off aid for compression stockings.
Ofa Grip special gloves are available from your specialist dealer.

Our Tip: Pull on your stockings as soon as you get up in the morning while your legs are still free from any swelling.