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Taking a healthy stand in life with both legs.

Health is also a question of well-being. Your health should be a source of joy. This has been the philosophy of Ofa Bamberg for more than 30 years. We therefore don’t only ensure that our support stockings promote health but also that they are pleasant to the touch and are comfortable and attractive. Whether for preventive care or when doing sport or travelling, or simply because you want to treat yourself.
Not for nothing do many active people, young and old, stand by support stockings from Ofa Bamberg – in the true sense of the word.

High-quality support stockings for him and her.

Gilofa 2000

Our Gilofa 2000 line with support and travel stockings for him and her supports blood circulation at all times and scores points for quality, comfort and a modern appearance.(for being of high quality, comfortable and modern looking)
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Gilofa Travel

The elegant sporty travel socks Gilofa Travel suit well for business and vacation travelers and fit perfectly for business and leisure wear.
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Gilofa Fine

We have fundamentally redesigned our full-fahsioned support stocking range Gilofa Basic and refined the product as regards wearing comfort, fit and appearane.
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Gilofa Style

For the special moments in your life ...
Gilofa Style shapes and supports the legs with 280 den and brilliant sheen. The highlight: Inidividual size determination - for a perfect fit!
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Gilofa Sport

Nordic Walking or Energy Socks from Gilofa Sport were specially developed for walking and running. They effectively promote a healthy performance and prevent fatigue.
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Gilofa Med

The GilofaMed range offers prophylaxis and help in the case of typical common diseases. Seamless cotton stockings with silver fibres for diabetics or specially knitted toes for Hallux Valgus patients provide a solution.
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