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Nature´s warmth at home:
Rathgeber Thermal Cushions

Thermal cushions have spoilt and relaxed people for centuries. Filled with seeds or fruit stones the Rathgeber thermal cushions bring wellbeing and help loosen muscles. Quickly warmed in the microwave or the conventional oven, the "dry hot-water bottle" not only helps to relieve pain and alleviate shivering but they are also due to their microfiber cover popular as cuddly cushions.

Thermal cushions are the ideal companion on your way to relaxation.

Our product range

Herbal cushion

The herbal thermal cuhsion rely totally on the Forces of nature. Relaxing aroma therapy on every single day.

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Aronia cushion

The seeds of the apple berry (aronia) are ideally suited as a filling for thermal cushions. The fine seeds retain their agreeable warmth for a long period of time and also contour optimally around the body’s shape.

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Moor cushion

Moor has the natural capability to maintain a constant temperature over a long period of time. This allows the heat to penetrate deep into body tissue, boosting blood circulation and providing relief to tension in the throat and neck area.

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Cherry stone cushion

Cherry stones have proven to be a durable source of warmth. The size of the stones produces - due to the gentle movement - a light massaging effect.

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Amaranth cushion

The delicate amaranth seeds are particularly small in size, therefore snuggle perfectly into the body and offer a long lasting warming effect.

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Grape seed cushion

The small grape seeds can be quickly wamred up. Due to the fine grain size the cushions caress the body areas in need of warmth and adapt perfectly to body contours.

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Millet cushion

The naturally pure millet filling adapts due to its fine grain size perfectly to the body. As a result, the millet cushions are ideal when lying or sleeping.

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Back warming belt

Naturally pure millet, integrated into a wide belt, puts the warmth across a large area and just there where required.

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Warming slippers

A super idea, not only for women: in next to no time warm feet. The ingenious slippers can be "recharged" quickly and as often as desired.

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Cuddly warming animals

Cuddly joy and soothing warmth for young and old! The endearing plush animals filled with a fine mixture of linseed and herbs.

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