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Frequently Asked Questions on Thermal Cushions

What is so special about Rathgeber Thermo?

Besides the high-quality filling that ensures long lasting heat storage, the Rathgeber thermal cushions appeal especially due to their velvety soft, fluffy cover. The microfiber used feels super soft and promotes optimal wearing comfort on the skin. An added advantage of the microfiber is that it is less likely to soil than many of the traditional cover fabrics of thermal cushions. The 4 large chambers distribute warmth evenly without the risk of the filling shifting.

What needs to be considered during the warming process?

Do not exceed the times indicated for individual products and do not leave products unobserved during the warming process. Switch off the grill function of the microwave or oven. Always use baking paper in the oven to prevent scorching. The lifetime of the thermal products can be extended by placing a cup of water near the products during the warming process. After use always allow the cushion to dry thoroughly.

Can the products be washed?

The thermal products can, if necessary, be wiped with a damp cloth, also if desired, with a special microfiber detergent. Washing by hand or machine is not possible as cover and filling are one unit.

How long does the warming effect of the products last?

That depends very much on the initial temperature following heating. Besides, the filling influences how long the warmth is maintained. In principle, the fine-grained fillings store the warmth longer, while larger pits and stones can be heated up a little more quickly. The exact times depend on individual usage.

Are the warming slippers suitable as conventional slippers?

The warming slippers do not have a complete treadsole and are intended for relaxation and recovery. Walking short distances inside the home, however, should, depending on physical fitness, be no problem.

Can the products also be used for cooling?

This is also possible. For this purpose the products should be packed into a plastic or freezer bag and placed in the fridge or freezer. In this case there is no need to observe specified periods of time. After their use as cooling cushion the products should dry out completely. Also if they are solely used for their cooling effect, it is recommended they are regularly warmed in the microwave to prevent germ formation.

Range of applications

Thermal cushions can be used for their supporting and soothing effect in the case of, for example, the following problems:

  • Tensed muscles in neck and shoulder
  • Backacke
  • Stomach ache
  • Menstruation pains
  • Pain of the joints and arthrosis
  • Gout (cooling)
  • Cold feet

Or simply as a soothing, relaxing and cuddly "dry hot-water bottle".