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Frequently Asked Questions General

For how long can the stockings be worn?

With regular use and proper care they can be worn for a maximum period of 6 months.
After this time the warranty period for the products has elapsed.

Which quality is optimal for diabetics?

If after consulting your physician, treatment is generally possible, it is of great importance the diabetic patient inspects his feet carefully every evening and makes sure there are no changes to the skin.
Any quality is suitable for diabetics, but important is treatment with the lowest compression class. Irrespective of the choice of quality, the patient should always check the stocking has a closed toe, as an open toe can pinch in the case of sensitive feet.

Can the open toe be subsequently lengthened ?

No, it is unfortunately not possible to subsequently lengthen the toe of your compression stocking.

Is it possible to close an open toe and vice versa?

No, it is not possible to subsequently change a closed toe into an open toe. However, an open toe could be changed into a closed flat knitted toe.

Is it possible to shorten stockings / a panty hose?

Yes, they can be shortened. However, in the case of thigh length (AG) or calf length stockings (AD) a grip top will have to be attached for fastening purposes.

May compression stockings be ironed?

No, compression stockings may not be ironed, as the knitted fabric would not be able to tolerate the high temperature and would lose its medical efficacy.

At what temperature may the compression stockings be washed?

It is important to wash the stockings daily. Compression stockings can be washed in a washing machine at a maximum 40° Centigrade.

At what temperature may the stockings be dried?

The stockinsg may be dried at the lowest level in the drier. Please avoid drying the stockings in direct sunlight and don´t put them on the radiator.

What can I do if the stockings is too tight?

If you are wearing your first compression stockings, the pressure exerted on the leg is still very unfamiliar and can be felt to be too tight, although the pressure complies with the prescribed guidelines. However, if the feeling persists, please see your specialist dealer. The stockings can after inspection by the specialist dealer be sent to us and internally tested and , if necessary, be widened.

Is treatment with an open heel possible?

An open heel can be ordered from the flat knitted quality range of Lastofa Extra.

What do I do if I have a ladder or a hole in my stocking?

In the case of a ladder or a hole in your stocking, please take your stocking to your specialist dealer. Your stockings will be sent to us and inspected. You will receive a replacement pair or the ladder will be repaired if caused by external factors.

Can I replace a waistband with a grip top?

Yes, a waistband can be subsequently replaced by a grip top. The panty part is simply removed and replaced with a grip top.

How often should compression stockings be washed?

It is very important that compression stockings are washed on a daily basis.

What must be especially considered with regard to detergents?

When washing compression stockings, fabric softener may not be used.