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FAQs to Aloe vera

What is Aloe vera?

ALOE VERA is the natural extract of the Aloe Barbadensis plant. The Aloe Barbadensis plant looks like a cactus but is in fact a perennial that grows naturally in tropical climates in sandy dry soil. ALOE VERA is also the most ancient natural cosmetic whose beneficial properties are set out in scientific studies.

What are the benefits of aloe vera?

ALOE VERA is rich in nutrients and other substances that are beneficial to our organism. Scientists have identified over 200 components, mainly vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids, all of which contribute essential properties to our well being.

What does it do to my skin?

Many cosmetic products today contain ALOE VERA because of its acknowledged and proven benefits for the skin. As well as moisturising, ALOE VERA is a powerful anti inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic which stimulates the body’s immunological system. Furthermore ALOE VERA helps scarring and prevents wrinkles by keeping the skin hydrated and elastic.

Where is the Aloe vera?

NOVAREL ALOE VERA yarns contain millions of special ceramic type nanocapsules that are completely porous and filled with ALOE VERA. The capsules are blended into the yarn at spinning and are distributed homogeneously throughout the yarn.

How is the Aloe vera released?

Each capsule is perforated with millions of nanopores. The pressure of the ALOE VERA inside the capsule forces it out through the pores until the surface is saturated. Imagine a balloon filled with water: if you perforate the balloon with millions of pin pricks the surface of the balloon will become moist. If you dry the surface of the balloon with a towel the surface immediately becomes moist again.

How do I know that the Aloe vera will not be released in one go?

The ALOE VERA will only be released if the surface of the yarn is dry. Once the surface is saturated the ALOE VERA stops being released. It is a question of equilibrium. Go back to the example of the balloon. The water does not all come out at once unless the balloon is burst.

Could the ceramic capsules burst?

No. The ceramic capsules are very resilient and could not even be broken with a hammer blow. The capsules protect the ALOE VERA from being damaged in fabric processing and in washing and drying.

Will the Aloe vera evaporate?

The ALOE VERA on the surface of the yarn will evaporate with heat but most of the additive is inside the capsules which, being of a ceramic type, protect it.

Will the capsules be damaged in processing?

The capsules can resist temperatures of up to 1000ºC, so will not be affected by the temperatures encountered in processing (on the stenter, in dyeing and finishing, during moulding etc) or in a domestic washing machine.

Will the Aloe vera be washed out in washing?

The ALOE VERA that is on the surface of the yarn will be washed out in washing, but this will quickly be replaced by the additive inside the capsules. Wash tests have been carried out by an independent laboratory and even after 100 washes more than a third of the initial quantity of ALOE VERA is left in the capsules.

How do I know the Aloe vera is there?

The most obvious sign that the ALOE VERA is present is the cool soft touch of the fabric that contains NOVAREL ALOE VERA yarn. However the ALOE VERA is odourless and transparent, and the capsules are nanometric, so we can’t actually see it with the naked eye. Under an electron microscope we can see the capsules and with an infrared spectrometer we can determine the quantity of ALOE VERA in the yarn.