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Understanding compression stockings

Compression Stockings

Specially produced compression stockings are used for lasting compression treatment. They serve above all to maintain therapy results achieved so far and to prevent any relapse. Additionally they counteract any further worsening of venous problems.

Care Instructions

By hand or in the machine? And how often anyway? Here you learn how to care best for your compression stockings to guarantee maximum wear.

Pull-on aid

With some practice pulling on medical stockings is a rather easy matter. Here you learn what you must be aware of - in text and pictures.

Standard or Made-to-measure?

Whether a standard stocking - or a manufactured stocking - can be used or one made- to- measure must be prescribed, depends on several criteria. Here you learn more.

Support or Compression?

Support, compression or thrombosis stocking? Everyday language use is highly confusing. Yet the different types of stocking are clearly distinguishable and are used for totally different purposes.