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Compression stockings

Specially produced compression stockings are used for lasting compression treatment. They serve above all to maintain therapy results achieved so far and to prevent any relapse. Additionally they counteract any further worsening of venous problems. For treatment to be successful, the medical supplies store must meticulously measure the patient’s legs to determine a perfect fit.

The compression pressure of the stocking is adapted to an individual's condition and should not be the same everywhere along the leg. The highest pressure is in the ankle area of the leg and then declines upwards along the leg. Below the knee it may only be 70%, at the thigh only 40%. This guarantees that blood is transported from the lowest point of the leg upwards.

Stockings are available in different sizes and lengths. The following applies: as long as necessary, as short as possible.
Medical stockings are divided into four compression classes that differ in the level of pressure applied when the leg is at rest. It is for the physician to decide, depending on the diagnosis, which compression class and which type of stocking is required for treatment. A particular indication will determine whether the patient requires round or flat knitted stockings.

As a result of the constant further development of materials, the industry has succeeded in manufacturing fine and transparent stockings as well as introducing fashionable colours. Medical compression stockings can therefore be hardly distinguished from normal stockings but fulfil their medical purpose.

Their lifetime with regular wear is six months. The high quality and medical efficacy is guaranteed by the RAL Quality Seal.

Support stockings and thrombosis prophylaxis stockings are not medical compression stockings.