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Understanding lipedema


Lipedema is lipodystrophy accompanied by edema and pain. It develops as a result of a symmetrical increase in subcutaneous fatty tissue.


Lipedema can greatly restrict the quality of life of the afflicated person. Any symptoms typical of the disease should not be ignored.


Lipedema is often not recognized at all or even misdiagnosed as adiposity (obesity). A detailed anamnesis is all the more important. Learn here what is characteristic of lipedema.

Course of the disease

If the disease is not treated, lipedema usually increases and can also take on extreme dimensions. The disease undergoes different stages.

The correct treatment

In the case of lipedema so-called Complex Physical Decongestion (CPD) Therapy is used combining different therapeutic measures. Learn more here.

Lip- or lymphedema?

Lipedema can be easily distinguished from pure lymphedema. Special characterstics differentiate the two diseases. They only need to be correctly diagnosed.