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Understanding lymph

The lymph-vascular system

The lymph-vascular system collects, transports and filters "waste products" such as protein, foreign bodies, metabolic waste or inflammation products released into tissue fluid.


Damage to the lymph-vascular system disturbs the transportation of the lymphatic load. Protein and tissue fluid can no longer be drained and collect instead [.....]

Stages of lymphedema

Lymphedema does not develop overnight, but develops insidiously. Once edematization has begun, the process will continue if not treated. That depends [.....]


Lymphedema can, as a rule, be quickly diagnosed on the basis of a detailed case history and a clinical examination (inspection, palpation). Signs of a lymphedema [.....]

The right treatment

Only with the help of long-term treatment can a tolerable degree of lymphedema be achieved for the patient. Here the interplay of several therapeutic measures is required, which are combined under the concept of "complex physical decongestion therapy"