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Prevent venous problems

The causes of venous disease are manifold, ranging from heriditary or age-related weak connective tissue to changes in hormonal balance (eg the pill, pregnancy, menopause) and obesity to too tight clothing, alcohol, smoking, lack of exercise or intensive solar irradiation. As is the case with many kinds of disease a balanced diet and exercise play an important role in prevention.

Special tips for healthy veins:

  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing and flat, comfortable shoes
  • Walk as often as possible, also bare-footed
  • When sitting avoid crossing your legs
  • Exercise regularly (swimming, cycling, walking, jogging, gymnastics)
  • Sports that often require abrupt stopping are less suitable (tennis, volleyball, basketball etc.)
  • Take the stairs and not the lift
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet and avoid being overweight
  • From time to time put your legs up
  • Use a foot rest at work
  • Drink sufficient amounts of water or fruit juices mixed with mineral water
  • Treat yourself morning and night to an invigorating cool leg shower
  • Avoid being in the sun too long as well as hot baths, showers or the sauna (after a sauna session please cool down your legs)
  • Move feet and legs when sitting or standing for longer periods of time (link: see vein exercises)
  • Wear as a preventive measure support stockings (eg Gilofa 2000) when your work requires you to sit or stand a lot
  • Also wear as a health measure for your veins special travel stockings (eg Gilofa 2000) on long journeys by plane or car as protection against travel thrombosis
  • On long car journeys plan a break every two hours to stretch your legs.