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Compression bandages

Advantage: varied range of application

Compression bandages are used to treat for a short time fluid congestion in the limb. They are used in cases of acute venous or lymphatic disease because they can be replaced daily and adjusted to the appropriate pressure level. A distinction is made between bandages for the short or long term.

Long-term bandaging

Treatment in this case extends as a rule over several days and also nights.

The bandage is left on the leg throughout this period of time. When bandaging the leg, it is essential that the exact pressure level is observed, which may vary depending on the nature of the medical problem.

The bandage is applied either by the physician himself or by trained specialists.
Bandages are wrapped round the leg from bottom to top and may not squeeze nor sit loose nor crease nor constrict arteries.

Indentations and protruding joints are padded with cotton or special supports. The material consists of short stretch, zinc gel, zinc glue and adhesive bandages.

Short-term bandaging

When these bandages are used the patient only wears them during the day. They should be changed on a regular basis or at least be wrapped anew and consist of slightly elastic compression bandages.

This kind of therapy can only be successful if it is done rigorously and systematically and the patient does not discontinue the treatment.

Problems may on the one hand arise since the patient must actively support the therapy by changing bandages and having to keep frequent appointments with his physician. On the other hand, many patients feel embarrassed about the unattractive look of the bandage and are reluctant to appear in public.

This may lead to the patient discontinuing treatment and the desired effect not being achieved.