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Compression therapy

The power of controlled pressure

The basic treatment in the case of venous problems and disease of the lymphatic system is compression therapy. The latter is also used as a therapy accompanying other forms of treatment and as prophylaxis.

By means of compression therapy a precisely defined level of mechanical pressure is applied externally to the distended vessels and the leg. The compression stocking presses the veins together and thus reduces the diameter of the vein. The diseased venous valves close again and prevent reverse flow. Blood in the veins can now flow better and faster.

Compression treatment is boosted when the patient moves about as much as possible, for this activates the calf muscle pump. As a result, the deep leg veins are pressed together with each movement by the surrounding muscles. Below the muscle contraction blood flow is reduced, above it blood is carried in the direction of the heart. The deep veins are thus pressed empty from bottom to top, while the lower part is replenished with blood from the superficial veins.

Depending on the type of disease different options for compression treatment are available.