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Operating on veins


A standard therapy that has existed for some time is so-called stripping, by which method varicose veins are removed by operation. The varicose veins of tributaries are removed by percutaneous phleb-extraction, whereby the tributaries are targeted and mobilized under the skin and removed in their entirety. Before the operation the medical state of the venous system is checked and the degree of damage assessed. During the operation defective segments are removed, while healthy veins are left in place. The operation is carried out under general or local anaesthesia. Subsequent treatment entails compression bandages to prevent or contain hematoma, edema, scars and secondary bleeding.

After a few days the bandages are replaced with medical compression stockings. In the case of stripping a probe is inserted into the veins at the ankle and pushed through up to the groin. The end of the veins are dissected and knotted with the probe. The varicose vein is then pulled out.