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Mobility and compression stockings

Mobility and compression stockings help

Venous insufficiency: Vein gymnastic help get the blood circulation in the legs going - a good way to prevent varicose veins. Many people struggle with venous insufficiency, in particular, when they have to sit or stand for long periods of time. It would certainly be better to lie down or move if that can be arranged. Every single day veins are required to work hard pumping against gravity blood from the legs to the heart - that is 7000 litres every day.

Light exercises to prevent varicose veins

The so-called muscle-vein pump helps combat venous insufficiency. Anybody can get it started with ease just by moving a great deal. Ideal are swimming, cycling and walking. However, there are especially for those who move little exercises to avoid varicose veins. The "stork walk" is an example. You lift your knee at a rigth angle and then the heel of the supporting leg. This exercise should be repeated up to 20 times while alternating between right and left leg. Thus the muscles can thicken that push the veins together and this allows the blood to be pressed faster in the direction of the heart. When muscle tension eases, he venous valves prevent the blood from flowing back.

As a result, no blood can congest in the legs and no venous insufficiency occurs. It is for this very reasion that walking is beneficial when there is a susceptibility to varicose veins. But also lying down makes it easier because of the horizontal position to transport blood back to the heart. On the other hand, when sitting or standing it can congest in the legs.

Compression stockings in the case of lack of mobility

Should the above-mentioned tricks not suffice or movement is limited and varicose veins occur, compression stockings can help. The latter medical aids exert an even pressure, thus narrowing the diameter of the veins. The venous valves function again, blood flow becomes normal again - and that even when you don´t move your legs. This is of benefit for those employees who have mostly sedentary jobs. How high the risk of venous disease is can be shown by vein checks that are available for men and women.

By the way, compression stockings today are hardly conspicuous anymore. They are available in many different colours and they can be perfectly combined with any chic outfit. An example is the "Memory" line from Ofa Bamberg, which was especially developed with the fashion-conscious woman in mind - just simply fashionable and elegant. Anybody who additionally values a healthy diet, often takes the opportunity to walk barefooted and rinses their legs with cool water, no longer need to fear varicose veins.