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How high is the risk of developing venous problems?
The Ofa vein check.

Venous disease in the legs is at best annoying and at worst leads to serious health risk. Even if health stockings are commonly associated with advanced age – doctors advise all those who belong to the high- risk group “vein problems” to wear support stockings as a preventive measure.
This short but meaningful self test informs you whether you belong to the high- risk group for whom health stockings are recommended.

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I am
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I have had phlebitis or thrombosis (vascular occlusion)
3 of 13
My legs have spider veins
4 of 13
Varicose veins have already occurred in my family
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My skin has altered in the lower leg or ankle area (discoloration)
6 of 13
I have tired, heavy or swollen legs in the evening
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My legs hurt
8 of 13
I have cramps in my calf at night
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I smoke
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I am / tend to be overweight
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In my job / everyday life
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I do sport
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I tend to have dry, flaky skin