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How to enlarge your screen display

You wish to view the pages of Ofa in an enlarged version? No problem!
You are able to set the front size and at the same time the total layout size of the page in your browser.
Usually there are several ways:

  • Via the menu bar across the top of your browser:

Click on "View". Depending on browser and version you will find the settings to enlarge under options such as "front size", "text size", "zoom factor". Some browsers show in their menu bar instead of an option a capital or small "A" to allow you to enlarge or minimize screen text directly.

  • Via the keyboard by using the shortkey [strg] [+] [+].
  • Via keyboard and mouse: Key [strg] and the scroll wheel of the mouse
  • If you use a Mac, press the apple key.

Please note:
Not all methods function with each browser/each browser version. Just try!
The settings do not only apply to the ofa pages but to all pages you access.

It it of coure also possible to reverse the enlargement.